“Saya ‘hutang’ dia sudah lama, rasanya dekat tujuh tahun.” – Lee Chong Wei Mahu Selesaikan Hutang Terhadap Isteri


Jaguh badminton negara Datuk Lee Chong Wei mahu menyelesaikan ‘hutang’ terhadap isterinya, Datin Wong Mew Choo untuk pergi berbulan madu selepas tujuh tahun berkahwin.

Menurut Chong Wei, sekarang merupakan masa yang sesuai untuk dia dan isteri pergi untuk berbulan madu.

“Sebab utama bersara adalah kerana saya perlu banyak berehat. Lagi satu, saya ada ‘hutang’ dengan isteri sebab selama berkahwin pada tahun 2012 kami belum sempat honeymoon lagi.

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Dear mama , Rumours say Captain Marvel is the strongest lady. Rumours say Mother Theresa is the kindest lady. Rumours say Grace Kelly is the most beautiful woman ever. Nah, I disagree. To me, you are always the strongest, most caring and most beautiful woman in the world. Not only you brought me to this world and make sure I sleep and eat well, you are also my first supporter. You believed in me when I myself didn’t believe I could. Happy birthday my lovely mom. From your smartest , funniest and most handsome child . Haha . Your other children gonna kill me . “无法可修饰的一对手,带出温柔永远在背后,纵使啰嗦始终关注,不懂珍惜太内疚,沉醉于….” 5月的最后一天,我们几位兄弟姐妹又聚在一起,为你庆生,对不起前段日子让你操劳那么多,愿接下来的每一天所有的快乐,所有的幸福,所有的温馨,所有的好运,永远围绕在你身边。 妈,#生日快乐,请准我说声 #真的爱你 很多人都说哥哥和我长得很像,会认错,其实我跟姐姐更像,哈哈,毕竟同一个工厂出来的,你觉得呢?

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“Saya ‘hutang’ dia sudah lama, rasanya dekat tujuh tahun. Ini kerana seperti yang anda tahu, sebagai atlet badminton saya lebih banyak menghabiskan masa untuk latihan dan menyertai pelbagai kejohanan. 

“Saya rasa ini adalah masa terbaik untuk saya berehat dan meluangkan lebih banyak masa bersamanya.

“Memandangkan anak pun dah ada dua orang, jadi selepas ini saya akan ada banyak masa untuk bersama dan bawa mereka pergi bercuti,”

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Today is 1st of May . Labour Day and also the birthday of the most important person in my life . Poor her , non stop working for my family , even on Labour Day .. Ever since I met her during our teenage years , I knew I met the most beautiful girl in my life . Little I knew she had the most beautiful heart as well . Many said its lucky to be Lee Chong Wei’s missus . But let me get it straight , it’s due to her that Lee Chong Wei is who he is today . I owe her so much . She was there for me when I was a nobody . She inspired me to work harder . She carried me during my darkest hours due to illness . And she gave me the two little precious naughty rascals , Kingston and Terrance . Lucky me , isn’t it . Happy birthday , my lovely Wife . I promise you I won’t leave you so early yet . Let’s grow old together and celebrate many many more birthday of yours …. oh ya , with that two monkeys … haha. ♥️ Love you 3000x #loveyou3000times 五一劳动节快乐 今天是劳动节,但妙珠却365天全年无休。 很多人说当李宗伟的女人真幸福,但我必须告诉你,这些年我亏欠她太多。 当我默默无闻,她在我身后默默守候;当我站在奖台上,在电视机前的她比我还开心;当我陷入人生低谷,她牵着我的手不离不弃;为了这个家,她付出了青春和自己,还生了两个小淘气;能娶到她,才是我这辈子大的福气。 老婆,谢谢你出现在我生命里,生日快乐,爱你 3000次:)

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Chong Wei dan Mew Choo telah mendirikan rumah tangga pada tahun 2012 dan dikurniakan dua cahaya mata.

Chong Wei berkata demikian ketika menyampaikan ucapan persaraan beliau di Menara KBS, Putrajaya, Khamis.

Semalam, Chong Wei sah mengumuman pesaraannya selepas 19 tahun berada dalam arena sukan badminton.

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Selamat Hari Ibu. Life doesn’t come with a manual , it comes with a Mother . My mom moulded me to be who I am today . Despite me being 36 now , I Guess I’m always 12 in her eyes . Till now , she nagging me to sleep well eat well has became a comfort constant of my life . Despite trying many delicacies in every part of the world , my mum’s “Dao you Bak” and “curry prawn” is still the best . I Guess most of you will agree your mum’s cooking is the best , isn’t it ? Wonder why huh ? Also hereby , wish all mothers in the world a great Mother’s Day ! To my mum and my sons’ mommy my wife mum , happy Mother’s Day and I love love love u !! #Happymotherday2019 我都一把年纪娶妻生子了,但在她的眼中我还是那个在武拉必老家每天练球打球回到家脏脏的,不厌其烦叫我快点去洗澡吃饭,早点回家早点睡觉不要熬夜,永远长不大只有12岁的小孩。 妈,谢谢你这些年一直在我身边照顾我保护我陪伴我,还经常煮我最爱吃的”dao you bak” 和”咖里虾” ,那个独家秘方是外头再好吃的餐厅饭店都找不到的,你的味道让我知道那个地方就叫做家。 今天是母亲节,祝福全天下妈妈母亲节快乐,但更重要的是,希望大家并不是只有在母亲节这天才特别去关心你们的妈妈,每一天都是母亲节。 妈,希望您能天天快乐,更重要的是身体健康! ❤️ #母亲节快乐 #聽媽媽的話

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Menurut Chong Wei, keputusan itu dibuat selepas mendapat nasihat daripada doktor akibat masalah kanser hidung yang dihadapinya.

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It was an awesome end to Malaysia Open . I wish to represent our badminton team to thank you fans for ensuring Malaysia Open maintain its glamour and prestige . Also I took the chance to meet with old friends from all around the world . Safe journey to wherever you go . And good luck in Singapore if you participate . When I reached home last night , I showed my two boys , Kingston and Terence the photos I took . When I showed them the photo of Lin , Chen and I on the podium , Terence shouted ,” Pa , it looks the same like the one you placed on the cabinet “. It was the photo of us three during 2012 olympics . I was shaken . Despite being born in 2015 , Terence has never seen me play in the Olympics . I hope your dad can show to you next year , my Son 马来西亚公开赛终于完美的谢幕了。我谨代表羽球队感谢羽球迷们对公开赛的支持,因为有了你们才能让这公开赛可以继续发光发热。 出席这一次的公开赛,让我觉得最可贵的是和世界各地的老朋友重聚一堂。希望你们这一次旅途愉快,记得把安全放第一! 有参于新加坡公开赛的选手们,我预祝你们 #榜上有名。 昨晚回到家,我把我在公开赛拍的一些照片和我的两个宝贝 #Kingston #Terence 分享。当我翻到 我和 #林丹 #谌龙 一同站在舞台上的照片时,我的宝贝小儿子 #Terence 喊道: “爸,这张照片和厨里那张一样的!” 他指着的是我们三位在2012年奥运的合照。 我愣了一下 Terence 是在2015年出生的,里约奥运他还小没能感受与参与有我的奥运比赛。儿子,若情况允许,爸希望明年的奥运可以打给你看。😎

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